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The Palace of Psyche
By Jeffrey K. Bedrick

You walk into a plush room with a hardwood floor, blue velvet
chairs, and curtains. The smell of musty books permeates the room.
It is a comforting and inviting smell, accompanied with the aroma
of fresh brewed coffee and green tea, which invitingly sit on a
central table. You grab your preferred drink and look around
the room at the shelves of books.

In the candelight, the volumes seem to move and dance in front of
your eyes. Some books in particular catch your attention:

Faerie Lore and Literature

Arthurian History, Lore, and Myths

Bulfinch's Mythology

Online Manga: Mega Tokyo"

Monty Python Scripts

Manga for Rurouni Kenshin"

After browsing the first few shelves of the library,
you stumble upon the poetry section:

Poets' Pub.
(My collection of favorite published poems)

Sylvia Plath


 Emily Dickinson

ee cummings Poems

Anais Nin

Shakespeare's Sonnets

Sign Book Of Dreams View Book Of Dreams

After losing yourself among the volumes, you suddenly hear a
soothing voice calling to you. The woman says, "I am so pleased that
you have entered my library and my home. Please come again and
discover many more beautiful dreams and adventures."

And with those last words you are alone and free to continue
reading or venture back into my Lair.