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Lady Intricate's Explanation

"The scent of an Iris is strongest during the rain"
-Anime "Ruroni Kenshin"

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I just updated the pic of me on this page and Brianna's pics on her page. I finally have access to a scanner and a digital camera.

Now, if youíve never been here before and youíre wondering who youíre talking to, I'm called Jessica Riggs Kleckner, or Lady Intricate.

My life story basically goes like this so far: Went to college for a year and fell in love with dark-brooding-boy. Put off college, got married and had a beautiful little girl named Brianna. All went well for a few years and then my dark-brooding-boy and I separated. Daughter and I moved to TX to live with my family while I go back to college. And that is where I am now (Keep in mind this is the REALLY condensed version).

I turned 24 in June. Iím going to college in Houston to be a psychologist or maybe a social worker (it takes so long to do the former). As you can see from my pages, I love art (especially Jeffrey K. Bedrick and Waterhouse), music, sci-fi/fantasy, anime, adventure, and travel. if you wish to know my daily contemplations you can read my LiveJournal.

One of the main things I do in my spare time is go to concerts, play with Brianna, chill out with friends, and read. I also have been known to roleplay, especially D&D, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, and Vampire the Masquerade. I watch a lot of movies because I am not really into the whole TV sitcom thing. I like dark comedies, foreign films (ex: I have recently aquired a small obsession with Anime), and of course Star Wars and LOTR.

Well, thatís enough about me. I hope you like my pages! Hopefully, although my sharing technique is extremely random, you'll find something of interest.

Threshold of Light
by Jeffrey K. Bedrick

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Quotes Of the month:

In heaven all the interesting people are missing.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Threashold of Eternity
by Jeffrey K. Bedrick

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